Constructed Spaces

My photographic practice began with an exploration of texture, rhythm, and patterns. Through this process, an aesthetic emerged involving movement throughout the image. Early on I developed an inclination for subjects such as pathways, tracks, and trails, which intrinsically create a route that the eye naturally follows. This opened doors to exciting ways of presenting an image, focusing on more complex but subtle rhythm and movement.

Constructed Spaces cultivates natural “pathways” for the eye, though they do not necessarily incorporate literal pathways to achieve this. These more subliminal but prevalent pathways are created by manipulating edge-contrast, and luminosity. Long exposure times are used to ensure that human subjects–often a central focus of an image–are not recorded, but rather manifest as hinted movement in these spaces.

I form deep, complex relationships with my environments or spaces that can be as deep and complex as interpersonal relationships. I visit with these places multiple times, often taking several visits before the first photograph is made. My strong propensity towards patterns and rhythm, dictates my relationships to these spaces.